MING Password Monitor

MING Password Monitor 1

Password monitor and spy

MING Password Monitor is a software tool used as a password sniffer. It captures the usernames and passwords of the following Protocols: OP3, SMTP, FTP, Telnet and HTTP (basic authentication passwords).

With this tool you can recover lost Web/FTP/Email/Telnet passwords. MING Password Monitor is for parents, spouses or network administrators who want to spy on the works of their children, spouses or employees.

Since it concerns invading privacy, you must make sure the reason for monitoring passwords is legal. MING Password Monitor works without even installing any software on the targeted computers.

All passwords can be checked easily with a computer name and date/time. MING Password Monitor includes two programs: Ming Password spy and MING Password Monitor.

The first uses ARP Poisoning techniques and the second is just basic. It can run in stealth mode and the user can set custom names. It supports many languages.